NCT Jaehyun And Taeyong’s Awkward Trophy Moment Is Making Everyone Cackle

You can feel the secondhand embarrassment 😂

On October 23, NCT U took home their third win for “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” on KBS‘s Music Bank.

When they addressed viewers with their winning speech, a humorous moment between Jaehyun and Taeyong over their trophy is making fans chuckle from the awkwardness.

After MC TXT‘s Soobin respectfully awarded the trophy to Taeyong, Jaehyun was already preparing to get his hands on it. He pulled up his left sleeve and reached out for it.

Taeyong hadn’t been on the same page, still holding onto it as he continued his speech. Jaehyun wasn’t ready to give up.

Expecting Taeyong to hand it to him, Jaehyun reached out his hand once more to grab onto the trophy. This time, something funny happened.

Before Jaehyun could even get close enough, Taeyong unintentionally whipped it away as he began to bow for the group’s greeting. Seeing the awkward moment would make anyone chuckle!

It was made funnier because many people can relate to being in a similar situation, sparking secondhand embarrassment as well. Taeyong not noticing a thing also added to the fun.

In the end, Jaehyun got all the time with the trophy he wanted and his signature kiss.

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Check out the hilarious moment Jaehyun attempted to get his hands on their prize sooner rather than later.


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