“Call Me Princess” — The 3rd Generation Idol Gaining Attention For His Buff Body And Contrasting Personality

His heart is as big as his biceps.

One thing K-Pop fans love is when an idol has a huge difference between their appearance and how they act.

Stray KidsBang Chan is an excellent example of this, as the idol is known for her cheerful and friendly personality while having an extremely ripped physique.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Right now, another idol is gaining attention for his contrasting body and personality, specifically due to how buff he has become in the last year.

NCT‘s Jaemin has always had a nice body going back to when he began exposing his arms during the group’s “Boom” era.

NCT’s Jaemin

While he was muscular then, the comparison to now is jaw-dropping. Throughout NCT DREAM The Dream Show 2 world tour, Jaemin gave fans a look at how muscular he has become.

Recently, photos of Jaemin from NCT’s NCT Nation concert gained much attention, as the star’s massive biceps and broad shoulders were displayed during performances and speaking mentions.

While it is understandable why Jaemin would attract so much attention for his physique, a large part of his appeal can be found in how different his personality is. The idol is known for doing kind and sweet things for fans and being the proud owner of three fluffy white cats.

Another aspect of Jaemin’s personality that fans love is his “princess” tendencies. That is, he literally enjoys being called princess and asks others to refer to him as such!

Princess, no. Princess is Me.

— Jaemin

You’d never guess that behind these pretty princess-like selfies…

| Dear. U Bubble
| Dear. U Bubble
| Dear. U Bubble

…is someone with a body like Jaemin’s!

What are some of your favorite Jaemin moments?

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