8 Times Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

#4 is our personal favorite.

Over the years, Stray Kids Bang Chan’s soft personality and image, and physique have turned him into a walking contradiction. Fans love Bang Chan’s sweet face but also enjoy his impressive and hard-earned body. Here are some moments where Bang Chan displayed his incredible duality!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

1. Bang Chan’s face chain era was iconic…

…for so many reasons!

2. We wonder why he’s making that face?


3. As pretty as a bride…

…but also sexy!

4. Orange hair was a look.

Almost enough to distract from his abs.

| @stray_kids/Twitter

5. This is the after.

This is the before!

6. His smile is our favorite thing…

| Stray Kids/VLive

…his abs are a close second!

7. We loved this kind of look on him.

Especially this particular one!

8. From a puppy…

…to a full-grown wolf!

| Mnet

Check out moments where Felix’s body didn’t match his baby face below!

7 Times Stray Kids Felix’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

Stray Kids

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