NCT’s Jisung Was The King Of Fanservice When He Adorably Promised To Be This Fan’s Boyfriend

Jisung best boy.

NCT‘s Jisung just turned legal in Korea this year, but it seems like he’s already been stealing hearts. During a recent round of video call fansigns, he was asked by a fan to be her winter boyfriend.

Ever the sweet angel that he is, he first asked her if she had a spring boyfriend. When the fan denied it quickly, Jisung immediately agreed to be her winter boyfriend.

Just when you thought the envy ended there, he did something even sweeter. When the fan had received the signed album, she realized that he had written the cutest note ever to her.

The note read, “spring, summer, autumn and winter boyfriend, it’s all mine“. The fan must’ve been dying of happiness at the cute interaction! We know we are.