NCT’s Johnny Might’ve Dropped Special Extras In Your “Neo Zone” Album

“Someone’s going to get an album where I made it.”

To find out how NCT‘s albums get made from start to finish, Johnny headed to the facility to see how the NCT #127 Neo Zone albums were made with his own eyes.

Not only did he learn a lot about the process, but he also lent a hand. Putting on a coat, matching gloves, and a face mask, Johnny joined the assembly line to help package some of the albums.

Johnny took the sheets of stickers and was instructed to put one sheet per album. He wasn’t used to the fast pace, causing a funny problem, “It’s too fast. I’m going to put in two.”

Johnny moved onto adding photo booklets to the albums. Getting into the rhythm of things, he quickly placed each one onto the albums. He was even more excited knowing that fans would end up receiving albums he’d had a hand in putting together.

When it came to placing photocards in the albums, Johnny couldn’t help but put a lot of himself rather than the other members, “It’s going to be a lot of Johnnys today.”

Toward the end, Johnny even held an album in his arms before placing it in a box to be shipped off, “I’m going to hug this one… I wish I could hug every one.” He left his mark on quite a few of the albums.

If you notice an extra sheet of stickers or an unusual amount of Johnny photo cards, it’s all thanks to Johnny himself. Who knows? He might’ve even put together your album.

NCTzens will be twice as excited to get their hands on the album now. Watch Johnny help assemble some of them here.