NCT’s Jungwoo Is The Perfect Definition Of The Doritos Body Shape And Fans Are Living For It

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NCT‘s Jungwoo has everyone wrapped around his little finger – and here’s why. While his face is the very epitome of lovely and cute, his body says something different. Fans have recently coined the term “BSTW” for him in Korean, shortening the words for “broad shoulders, thin waist”, referring to his perfect Doritos shaped body.

His broad shoulders in comparison to his overall thinner body frame has set NCTzens in a frenzy as they go crazy at his perfect proportions. Here are 5 moments where his shoulders were as wide as the Pacific Ocean. so much so that you would probably need a boat to swim across it.

1. In a baseball uniform

Aren’t you guys glad NCTzens voted for the baseball uniform as compared to the farm outfits? For a special concept video, the company let fans vote for what outfits to kit the members out in and baseball uniforms won out.

Fans got to see Jungwoo in form-fitting pants, highlighting his small waist.

Fans also started calling him, “P.E department oppa” after this, in reference to how much he suited the athletic look.

2. In a white button down

White button downs are the staple for most boy groups but Jungwoo stands out even more due to his broad shoulders. We love the contrast with the piped pants and delicate necklace as well.

3. In a simple T-shirt

Jungwoo really proves that it’s not about what you wear, it’s the person that wears it! His shoulders make even a plain tee look as good as his stage outfits!

4. In a knit cardigan

The moment that created the nickname, “cherry Jungwoo”, he sported a red cardigan on an episode of Weekly Idol. His shoulders are practically a perfect 90 degrees angle!

5. In a short-sleeved checkered shirt

Perhaps it was also due to the side angle he was sitting at in this particular live stream, but Jungwoo’s shoulders looked exceptionally broad on this day.

Fans are living for his perfect body shape!

At a height of 1.8m (5.91 feet) he is one of the taller members in the group along with giant Johnny. But don’t be fooled by his proportions – his aegyo is top-tier.

Source: Nate and Chaco