According To One Professional, These Colors Suit NCT’s Jungwoo Best

These colors are said to complement him the most.

Personal color is said to be the palette that looks best on you considering skin tone and eye color. According to one professional, these colors suit NCT‘s Jungwoo best.

Jungwoo | @nct127/Instagram

While others with different types might benefit from other colors more, Jungwoo is a “true spring” or “true sun.”

For reference, this is the chart that is used to determine your personal color. There are four main categories with sub-categories.

Personal color chart | 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

A “true spring” type means that Jungwoo is largely affected by temperature.

When it becomes colder he might appear more pale, but by wearing warmer clothes he can appear brighter. Colors that work well on him are orange, bright yellow, and light green.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

These colors are normally not easy to wear, but with Jungwoo’s complexion, they look great on him.

Fitting for a “sun” type, the farther away from light, people with this type can lose life and look dull. So, dark colors like burgundy and dark navy can wash away this type’s glossiness. Additionally, dull mid-point colors don’t work as well.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

This type also may choose to avoid light colors without a point color and may opt for more variety.

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Also, high contrast isn’t the best option, and an accent color scheme works better.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

While extreme patterns aren’t the best, patterns with space are nice on this type.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

People with this type look great in mustard and other warm shades.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

And, as you can see, Jungwoo pulls off lively colors well. People with the “True Spring” type look great in these bright and free-spirited colors.

| 유이레 One and Only/YouTube

While we know that Jungwoo looks great in everything he wears, these colors are said to bring out the very best for his complexion.

Do you have the same personal color as Jungwoo?


Source: YouTube