NCT’s Mark Gains Attention For His “Spiderman-Like” Reflexes After A Wardrobe Malfunction

SpiderMark strikes again!

NCT‘s Mark is known as one of the most likable K-Pop idols out there, as well as one of the most talented.

NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

His sense of humor is one thing that appeals to fans, as well as his “meme-ability.” One of the most popular memes online is that Mark is secretly Spiderman.

A fan edit of Mark as Spiderman. | @urimarklee/Twitter

While it’s not exactly sure where the “SpiderMark” agenda began, Mark and the other members of NCT have encouraged it throughout the years. Mark has even dressed up as the famous Marvel superhero before!

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Another “proof” of Mark’s secret identity is his incredible reflexes that have been shown time and time again.

Mark has gained attention for his “Spiderman-like” reflexes yet again, this time for how smoothly he was able to fix a wardrobe malfunction!

NCT DREAM recently made their comeback with the special winter albumΒ Candy, a remake of the iconic H.O.T song.

NCT DREAMΒ was of the groups that attended the 2022 KBS Song Festival (also known as theΒ KBSΒ Gayo Daechukje), where held their first comeback stage.

During one part of their performance, Mark was upfront dancing energetically when his hat managed to slip off of his head and down his back.

As Mark continued with the choreography, he managed to catch the hat in one hand without missing a beat! By the time the dance break was over, Mark had put the hat back on his head, and it was like nothing had happened!

Fans have been praising Mark for his professionalism and his super quick reflexes!