NCT’s Mark Shares “Late Night Scribbles” On His New Instagram

Mark Lee proves his writing prowess with some late night poetry.

NCT‘s Mark only recently made an Instagram account, but he’s already stunning NCTzens with his photos and “late night scribbles.”

Late night scribbling

Good night

To me, these two words feel like the vast sky

Darkness, but not hollow

Black but not bitter

Far but close enough to wonder

Is it reachable?

Can feelings get so real, that they become tangible?

A spacious bed for me and my thoughts to

sleep in

Head above my pillow and a question above my head

Insomnia feel like drought because all I do is

look up, thinking

Will it ever, ever come?

— Mark

However, these “scribbles” are more than they seem. Closer to lyrical poetry, Mark expresses his vulnerable side as he shares his late night thoughts on social media.

Will it ever, ever come?

The nights know me well

I was a frequent by-passer but now I am no


A boy who grew up living with sharks does

not need to be taught how to swim

It is more likely for swimming to come to him


I wasn’t told to write, but these nights made

it come to me naturally

Bare with me

Just some late-night scribbling haha.

— Mark

Fellow NCT 127 member Doyoung echoed fan sentiments, commenting “Really good, Mark!” on his post.

His incredible writing skills are no surprise to NCTzens; Mark has songwriting credits for over 40 songs in the past four years for SuperM, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and others. These songs include “Together At Home” from the Super One album, and “Pandora’s Box”, “Mad Dog”, and “Love Song” from the Neo Zone album.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Back in May 2020, Mark also paired up with fellow NCT 127 member Johnny to create “QTAH”, a rap track with a short music video produced and filmed by Johnny.

In the past, Mark expressed his dreams of becoming an author, and he hopes to one day write his own novel.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

At just 21 years old, Mark continuously proves how multi-talented he is as a rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter, and more.

Source: @onyourm__ark