NCT’s Mark Is The Most Successful Fanboy Of His Own “Avengers” Group SuperM

He’s excited to be working with his idols.

In a recent interview with Billboard, NCT‘s Mark revealed what it means for him to be a part of SM Entertainment‘s new “Avengers” group SuperM.


Mark shared that the experience of being a part of SuperM is thrilling for him, because he now gets to work side by side with sunbae (senior) idols whom he always respected and followed. He has been a fan of SHINee and EXO as he stepped in to the world of K-Pop…

One of the main reasons I was excited about this team was that we all really looked up to these seniors.

— Mark


… and now he gets to work with those groups! Mark pointed out that it still feels surreal to be in SuperM with his very own idols. According to Mark, the maknae (youngest) of the group, it is one thing to be from the same agency as it is to belong to a same team and to work “shoulder to shoulder” with his sunbaes.

Sometimes I think to myself, while I’m practicing with them and shoulder to shoulder, ‘Wow, I’m actually dancing [with them]’ or, ‘Wow, I’m actually having a conversation with them.’ ‘Wow, I’m actually in the practice room with the guys I’ve always looked up to.’ That’s always been a moment from me.

— Mark


For Mark, SuperM is not only a chance to showcase a different kind of Mark from NCT’s Mark, but also a valuable opportunity to grow as a K-Pop artist. He believes he and the whole team will mature from this collaborative effort…

I feel like I can learn from them as well. I’ve already learned a lot just being with them. I feel like it’s a good give and take for both sides.

— Mark


… as will the fans. Mark looks forward to seeing NCT, SHINee, and EXO fans to really come together and exist in one “era” together, as a collective fan of SuperM and K-Pop in general.

I feel like this combination itself entertains fans in a new kind of way.  I feel like it’s putting all eras together at once, that’s what makes SuperM a very strong and powerful team.

— Mark

Source: Billboard