NCT DREAM’s Renjun Proves How Well He Knows His Members By Perfectly Identifying Them Blindfolded

“How did you know my hand?”

NCT DREAM recently did an interesting Prison Interview were required to pass various fun missions. If they succeed in their missions, the members were allowed to leave the Prison Interview room!

One note that Renjun found gave him the mission of blindfolding himself and identify his members merely using touch.

While it seems a bit difficult, Renjun shocked his members with how well he did! Just by feeling their hands, Renjun was able to identify every member correctly.

After Renjun took his blindfold off, the members were skeptical of Renjun and accused him of somehow peeking through his blindfold. Jisung asked, “You saw it, right?” Despite the suspicion, Renjun swore he couldn’t see anything.

The members continued to question Renjun. To feed their curiosity, Renjun explained how he was able to recognize each member just by their hands.

Look, some of us have short nails. Then except for the short nails, Jenp’s fingers are kind of short. That’s why it’s Jeno. Jaemin’s skin is the thickest. That’s why it’s Jaemin. His (Chenle) skin is rough. He (Jisung) has big hands.

— Renjun

Although Renjun gave a great description of his method, Mark questioned how he guessed him correctly since he cut his nails the other day: “But I cut my nails yesterday.

While Renjun was unsure of how to answer, He insisted that he did not cheat. Frustrated, Renjun said, “Well, I really got it. Why do you have doubts about that?” The members reassured Renjun that they didn’t doubt him but were merely shocked at how well he did.

Check out the video below:


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