If NCT’s Renjun And Jeno Were Drowning, Jisung Wouldn’t Save Either Of Them, Here’s Why

Jisung made several important points.

During the same NCT Dream live broadcast where Jeno accidentally exposed his own password, the group encountered another funny problem. Jisung faced a question that was all too easy for him to answer.

He had to decide which member he’d save if Renjun and Jeno happened to be drowning at the same time.

He gave an answer that would be surprising to many: Jisung opted not to save either of them. Although it didn’t seem to make sense, he actually had the perfect explanation for his decision.

Stepping into his intellectual shoes, Jisung began his logical explanation. If Renjun and Jeno were drowning, that meant there were only two people that needed to be saved. If Jisung jumped in to take action, that would change the dynamics for the worst.

Since Jisung doesn’t know how to swim, he pointed out that there wouldn’t just be two people drowning, there would instead be three. When people are usually faced with the same question, they don’t hesitate to choose; not Jisung.

Even though he’s the youngest, he’s undoubtedly practical. Watch Jisung give his thoughtful yet hilariously savage response to the question here.