NCT’s Renjun Made Sure To Avoid An Accidental Kiss With Haechan

He learned his lesson from Jeno.

In a previous live broadcast, NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Haechan had a hilarious moment were they almost shared an accidental kiss.

To avoid the possibility of it happening again, Renjun was more than prepared to prevent it altogether.

When Haechan annoyed him by playfully calling him a babo, stupid, during a recent live broadcast, Renjun wouldn’t let it fly.

Renjun brought a hand up to his mouth before turning toward Haechan to make him focus.

Not only was Renjun able to quickly think of a way to protect them both, but he used the knowledge of what happened before to do it. No wonder Renjun is one of the smartest members.

Watch him smoothy dodge the last thing he wanted from Haechan.