NCT’s Renjun And Red Velvet’s Wendy Wore Similar Airport Outfits, And Everyone’s Here For It

Fans even called them “mom and son” for having similar looks.

Preparing to perform at the KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany, the NCT DREAM members recently headed to the airport and did so in style. Like the rest of the group, Renjun‘s stylish outfit caught fans’ attention—especially for looking similar to an outfit from a senior SM Entertainment artist.


Renjun was decked out in Yves Saint Laurent, from his necklace and brown shirt to his brown bag. The idol looked expensive and chic in a pair of dark pants, with a bit of white in the undershirt and sneakers for a pop of brightness. The look even reminded fans of a past outfit from Red Velvet‘s Wendy.

When Wendy turned the airport into a personal runway the previous year, she also wore a brown top with an expensive designer necklace. It was the rest of the outfit that tied the entire look together.


Like Renjun, Wendy also paired the outfit with a dark brown bag but opted for a lighter pair of pants. From Wendy and Renjun’s loose fit of their shirts, pleats in their pants, and the similar color theme, fans couldn’t help noticing the similarity.

Fans loved the look on them so much that the outfits went viral. Fans even called them “mom and son” of the SM Entertainment family.

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