NCT Renjun’s Witty Choice For His Lookalike Had Them Laughing And Praising Him At The Same Time

He’s now the newest comedian of Dream.

NCT Dream were sharing their lookalikes on their recent appearance on Weekly Idol, and Renjun had an answer that had all of them giving him props for how witty it was.

After revealing Jeno‘s Samoyed lookalike, they turned their attention elsewhere with the question, “What about Renjun?”

Renjun took a few moments to think about it. And, he finally decided on keeping it simple. He confidently said, “My mom and dad.”

His response had everyone clapping and laughing at his honesty. The hosts even praised him for not only being a devoted son but funny as well.

Renjun has all sorts of talents, and this seems to be his newest one. Check it out here.