NCT Shotaro And BoA’s Real Personalities Shined When Meeting Unexpectedly

They were so wholesome πŸ₯Ί

While NCT‘s Shotaro and BoA looked charismatic and confident when performing “Only One” together, their interaction off-stage left everyone loving their real personalities that differed from their stage personas.

As Shotaro took a break from filming with Sungchan to find the fridge, he unexpectedly ran into BoA.

Because Shotaro and Sungchan were making desserts and coffee, he kindly invited BoA to try them out later. He said, “Please, come if you can.

Since BoA already had schedules to promote her comeback “Forgive Me”, there wasn’t any time for her to visit. Proving how kind she is by not wanting to reject the offer, BoA thanked Shotaro and made him laugh by saying she’d consider it. Shotaro understood and congratulated his senior on making a comeback.

BoA: 7:30? I’ll think about it.

Shotaro: Thank you. I don’t think you’ll come.

Showing her cute side, BoA jokingly scolded Shotaro, “It’s not time for me to drink coffee.” It was then time for Shotaro to show his cute side.

Shotaro shyly asked BoA if he could call her noona (older sister). She immediately agreed, “Of course!

BoA was even considerate of Shotaro’s hands, making sure not to touch his sanitary gloves and giving him an air high-five of support.

While the two might look cool on stage, Shotaro and BoA’s true personalities were so wholesome that fans adored the accidental meeting.


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