NCT Shotaro’s Reaction To Yuta’s Driving Is Hilariously Relatable

Everyone’s been in the same situation at least once.

Through their show “Show You” Our Journey, NCT‘s Yuta and Shotaro have documented their road trip across Japan to visit popular tourist spots. Along the way, a scene of Yuta’s driving has fans cracking up from Shotaro’s reaction.

Shotaro and Doyoung. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

With Yuta behind the wheel, everything seemed to be going fine as they made their way into a parking spot. It quickly took a humorous turn.

Rather than stopping smoothly, Yuta crashed right into the stone parking blocks.

Yuta quickly played it off by happily announcing they’d arrived at their destination. It was Shotaro’s reaction that sparked laughter, though.

Viewers noticed that Shotaro had been gripping the door handle and were quick to joke about it.

From Madagascar to SpongeBob SquarePants, NCTzens found the perfect memes to sum up Shotaro’s reaction. They even poked fun at the editors for leaving the scene in.

The moment even reminded fans of the time Yuta joked about Doyoung‘s driving by saying, “I almost died.

Now Doyoung and the other members can have a laugh about Yuta’s driving skills too.

Doyoung, Yuta, and Taeil.