NCT Shotaro And Sungchan Reveal When They First Met, And It’s Not When You’d Expect

The two new members didn’t train together.

Even though NCT‘s Sungchan might’ve been a new face to many of the members, Jungwoo revealed that the two had trained together. Since Shotaro is also a new member, it would make sense if he also trained alongside them—or at least with Sungchan. They recently revealed that wasn’t the case.

Sungchan and Shotaro. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

During Sungchan and Shotaro’s first Twitter mention party, they were amazed after realizing they’d already reached one hundred days since their debut. Shotaro recalled how anxious he’d been about his first appearance as an NCT member. He said, “Wow. I was so nervous at the ‘Year Party.’

Sungchan’s laugh proved how close the two have become. He responded, “Were you nervous?

That’s when Sungchan remembered it was the first time they had ever met. He said, “I saw you for the first time that day.” Most likely referring to the promotional filming for NCT 2020’s Year Party live broadcast, it took fans by surprise.

Rather than Shotaro and Sungchan training together or meeting beforehand, they first met each other at the same time they were introduced to the rest of the NCT members. They weren’t the only ones feeling nervous since some members of WayV were also new faces to the group.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Despite not knowing each other long, Shotaro and Sungchan managed to become fast friends. See the two have fun learning the ropes of a mention party and sharing some fun facts about themselves.