NCT Jungwoo Recalls Memory Of Training With New Member Sungchan

He revealed that he knew Sungchan when they both were dreaming of debuting.

With the addition of two new members joining NCT, fans and many of the members are getting to know them. Jungwoo revealed an unexpected connection with one of them.

During their live event WISH 2020, Jungwoo was the only one to raise his hand when Haechan and Taeil were looking for someone to share an “episode” with Sungchan.

Jungwoo revealed that the two had trained side by side before his debut in NCT U and NCT 127 in 2018. “I spent my time as a trainee with Sungchan.

He could recall the first time he’d ever laid eyes on Sungchan back then, “And, I remember when Sungchan first came to the company as a trainee.” To leave fans curious, he shared what stuck out to him most from those days.

Rather than focusing on his appearance or a particular skill, Jungwoo noted his effort. “I thought he was very hardworking.

Now that Sungchan has joined the group, after at least two years of training, everyone will get to see what Jungwoo saw—and more. Watch Jungwoo touch on their trainee days together, starting from 17:12.


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