NCT Surprises Fans By Crashing A Random Play Dance Event in New York

The fans couldn’t help but cheer for them.

On April 21, 2019, Korean YouTuber GoToe hosted a “random play dance” in New York City. Chorus or point parts of numerous K-Pop songs would be played and those who knew the choreography would come to the center and dance.

It starts off normal, with numerous K-Pop fans coming out to dance to their favorite tracks.

Midway through the event though, people can be seen crowding to the front and cheering. It appears they see something at the front, which the camera doesn’t show, that excites them. Some people even start waving!

Soon, we see the members of NCT emerge from the sides, watching the fans as they dance.

After a while, the members of NCT join in with the fun and start dancing to the songs they know. Here, we see them dancing to fellow SM Entertainment boy group Super Junior‘s song “Sorry Sorry”!

Nearing the end, NCT songs start being played. The boys immediately come out to dance to their songs with the fans. Here, we can see the boys and the fans dancing to NCT 127‘s song “Simon Says”.

In the end, the boys of NCT greet GoToe. Leader Taeyong even gave him a hug!

They chat for a while and soon the fans start cheering for NCT, and the boys can be seen smiling and waving at the fans.

What a fun way to interact with fans!


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