NCT’s Taeil Hilariously Denied That He Worked On A New Solo OST, But NCTzens Easily Saw Right Through Him

He denied it to the end.

When the trailer for the upcoming drama Twenty Five Twenty One was released on February 8, NCTzens recognized a very familiar voice singing the soundtrack. They were immediately convinced that it was NCT‘s Taeil, but Taeil did not acknowledge it. In fact, he straight up hilariously denied it—though fans soon saw right through him.

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Fans were extremely suspicious that it was him from the beginning, even if not everyone was completely sure yet.

For most fans, however, it was pretty clear that it was none other than NCT’s main vocal, Taeil—whose powerful vocals will always be instantly recognizable. Even though nothing had been officially confirmed, NCTzens were already excited for a “Moon Taeil OST.”

Yet, Taeil strangely denied his involvement. Fans were amused, especially since Taeil was not particularly convincing in his efforts.

With a fansign event coming up, fans resolved to ask him about his OST then. But Taeil did not budge on his answer, and hilariously pretended instead that he didn’t know what fans were talking about.

Fans finally got an official confirmation when NCT NEWS, one of the segments of the new NCT show, made ‘the announcement.’


The NCT news segment will be issuing monthly information on the members’ activities, both group and individual ones. Therefore, some fans speculated that Taeil was simply waiting for the news to be released through the first episode of NCT NEWS

…while others pointed out that he has always had a tendency to keep things to himself.

Even back in December 2021, fans were already pointing out how Taeil keeps on surprising everyone with unexpected projects.

All in all, NCTzens are extremely happy to have a Taeil solo project once again, even though his attempts to lie about it were hilarious!

Congratulations to Taeil on his new OST!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the full episode of NCT NEWS on the link below!

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