NCT Lost It When Taeyong Accidentally Mistook Chenle For Jisung

In the kitchen, it wasn’t quite the compliment Chenle was looking for.

For the latest episode of Master MOON Chef, NCT‘s Taeil and Taeyong were joined by Chenle as a cooking assistant. It caused a funny moment where Taeyong accidentally called Chenle by Jisung‘s name.

Chenle and Jisung. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

When asking Taeil which dish he preferred, Taeyong accidentally said “Jisung and I,” immediately catching the mistake but not soon enough.

Taeyong quickly corrected himself, “Wait, not Jisung. I’m sorry.” Chenle was already reacting to the funny mishap with an expression that was just as amusing.

Wearing a look of complete shock and “betrayal,” Taeil and Taeyong burst into laughter over Chenle’s facial expression. The editors even noted that being mistaken for Jisung when talking about cooking skills wasn’t quite the compliment Chenle was expecting.

Taeil played along by saying, “Jisung, I didn’t know he was here.” They didn’t joke about it too long, with Taeil quickly choosing which dish he liked most.

Fans laughed just as hard as the members did but understand how Taeyong could have a short moment of confusion. With over twenty members in NCT, it would only be natural to have a name mishap every now and then. Even Jaemin accidentally called himself by Jeno‘s name once.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Watch Taeyong’s funny mishap that caused hilarious reactions from them all.