NCT’s Taeyong Becomes A Meme King After Posting Hilarious Memes About His Booster Shot Experience

He included a meme made by a fan!

NCT‘s Taeyong has been amusing fans with the string of memes he posted to his Instagram story after getting his booster shot.

Fans were already laughing when he posted on Dear U. Bubble saying that he was regretting going to dance practice after getting his booster shot. Then, he hilariously stated that he wanted to make a ‘vaccine meme’ and encouraged fans to make some funny ones too. He sent a few pictures of himself, asking fans to pick the best one for his meme.

But luckily, he ended up posting more than just one meme, and they were all gold! And to top things off, he even updated his Instagram story to include a hilarious meme made by a fan!

The first meme is of Taeyong “looking sick” and clutching his arm as if he were cold, which he captioned, cold after vaccination…” He commented on each of the memes on Dear U. Bubble, saying of this picture that it was like, “Even though it hurts, I don’t throw away my swag.”

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

The second one says, vaccinated ninja-desu,” and it still shows Taeyong hilariously clutching his arm. He said that in this meme he is like a ninja—that is, a ninja who just got vaccinated.

The third meme somehow gets funnier, showing Taeyong looking hilariously disoriented, while the speech bubble reads “the vaccine hit me… help…

To top things off, the fourth meme Taeyong posted says, c*rona… why are you doing this to me…” Hilariously, Taeyong said that this meme “is like when you hit me but the lighting is darker so it looks sadder.

Lastly, Taeyong uploaded a meme made by a fan, which shows two hilariously superimposed images of Taeyong with the speech bubble reading, “booster shots are bearable,” while Taeyong holds a thumbs-up in the foremost image.

| @myriceball_/Twitter

Fans also thought it was extremely funny (and adorable), that Taeyong actually checked to see what they had thought of his memes.

But Taeyong doesn’t need to worry; his memes were hilarious! In fact, they even inspired other kinds of memes besides the ‘vaccine memes,’ so it’s safe to say they were a success.

Hopefully we get more hilarious memes from meme king Taeyong again soon!

Source: Twitter