NCT’s Taeyong, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, And ATEEZ’s Hongjoong All Wore The Same Outfit But Served Completely Different Vibes

They look so stylish!

Fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving around the world, and K-Pop idol fashion is just the same. As certain looks rise in popularity, several idols of different genders can be spotted wearing the same outfits for both official schedules and in their own personal fashion.

Three idols who served different vibes while wearing the same outfit are NCT‘s Taeyong, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, and ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong. The three all have very unique styles so it was very interesting to see how each of them rocked the look!

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

It’s worth mentioning that while the idols have different styles, the top complimented and worked for all of them.

Taeyong, Jisoo, and Hongjoong all wore the top created by GIVENCHY, a brand that has remained popular among idols for many years. The top is called the embroidered jersey with overlapped effect and costs $1720 USD.

Hongjoong first wore the top on the August 6 edition of MBC’s Show! MusicCore where ATEEZ performed their comeback stage for “Guerrilla.”

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

Hongjoong is known for his amazing fashion sense and choose to wear the top with a pair of loose shorts that had a piece of fabric around them, giving the look a skirt-like appearance, and knee high boots.

| MBCkpop/YouTube

| MBCkpop/YouTube

Hongjoong’s look gave punk rock vibes, which totally fits with the group’s concept and sound for “Guerrilla”!

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

Taeyong was the next to show up wearing the top while NCT 127 was headed to the Phillippines for the next stop on their NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour.

Taeyong styled the top with a pair of destroyed denim jeans from the same brand and a white belt. He also wore a Yeezy Gap collaboration cap and Dior sneakers. Taeyong choose to wear the collar of the shirt pulled up over his facemask creating a cool gaiter-like effect.

Next, Jisoo was seen wearing the women’s version of the top. This version features sleeves that have the Givenchy logo printed all over in different fonts but features the same top cropped layer and is slightly more expensive at a cost of $1800 USD.

Jisoo was seen wearing the top in a teaser for BLACKPINK’s next music video release, “Shut Down.” It seems like the shirt was altered to create two pieces, with some of the lower layers of the shirt fitted to make a skirt.


Jisoo wore the full look from GIVENCHY’s Fall 2022 Ready To Wear collection.



It seems like all three were able to wear the same outfit in different ways that matched the vibe they were going for perfectly. Taeyong, Jisoo, and Hongjoong all rocked the grungy look and made it their own!

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