The “Twilight” Social Media Team Was As Obsessed With NCT Taeyong’s Halloween Look As We Are

Taeyong had the cutest reaction to finding out!

NCT‘s Taeyong completely surprised fans with his Twilight costume for this year’s SMTOWN Wonderland. With Jungwoo as the Bella Swan to his Edward Cullen, the pair was one of the event’s eight winners. Even the social media team for the film couldn’t get over how perfect it was!

Taeyong (right) as Edward Cullen and Jungwoo (left) as Bella Swan. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

The day after Halloween, the official Twitter account for Twilight reshared SM Entertainment‘s tweet about Taeyong’s costume. They definitely approved of his look, tweeting, “and he nailed it 😌.

Even the Lionsgate Twitter account chimed in to gush over Taeyong and Jungwoo’s Twilight serve! The Twilight and Lionsgate accounts had a rather intimate exchange in the replies before one fan hilariously took the opportunity to encourage them to give Taeyong an acting opportunity.

| Twitter

Not only did they share Taeyong and Jungwoo’s couple costume on Twitter, but they also reposted it on their Instagram story! The “official [Instagram] account of that movie saga you were obsessed with in 2009” reposted SM Entertainment’s post of the pair…

| @twilight/Instagram

… as well as Taeyong’s own picture with Jungwoo…

| @twilight/Instagram

… and even a fan’s post with Taeyong’s picture and the Twilight account’s tweet!

| @twilight/Instagram

One fan took the opportunity during a video call with Taeyong to let him know that his Halloween costume got the official stamp of approval! He had the cutest reaction and thanked them for their tweet.

Really?! Wow, ‘he nailed it.’ Oh, really, thank you!

— Taeyong

Taeyong and Jungwoo definitely aced this year’s Halloween, and we can’t wait to see what costumes they pull off in the future. And hopefully this isn’t the end of Twilight and NCT’s unexpected crossover! The pair weren’t the only ones to get noticed by their costumes’ creators; read about YangYang‘s interaction with Tokyo Ghoul author Sui Ishida below!

“Tokyo Ghoul” Creator Sui Ishida Thanks WayV’s YangYang For His Halloween Look With A Gorgeous Drawing

Source: Instagram and Twitter