NCT Taeyong’s First Solo Magazine Cover Shoot Proves He Is The Main Character

“Lee Taeyong, you are the moment.”

As NCT‘s Taeyong continues to grow as an artist, fans are getting the opportunity to appreciate his talents in a variety of different areas. This month, for example, he went viral after fans found out that he had choreographed the viral hit “ZOO” himself, along with dancer Bada Lee. In fact, he was the one who had pushed for a performance of the song in the first place, as SM Entertainment had originally had no plans to stage it.

| /W Korea

Now, Taeyong has officially made his modeling debut by posing for the cover shoot of W Korea‘s February issue. It is Taeyong’s first time doing a cover shoot without his NCT members, and it’s safe to say he absolutely nailed it.

/W Korea

Fans already can’t get enough of his stage presence

…so it’s no wonder that his charisma is also so evident in his magazine cover shoot. Not only because he’s got the visuals…

…but because he truly has fabulous main character vibes.

Taeyong is a truly unique artist who stands out in so many ways. As he is someone who has also always been a fan of fashion, it’s exciting to see him tackle a project like this—and to do it so well! Congratulations to Taeyong on his amazing cover shoot!