NCT’s Taeyong Lived His Dream Career During Their “Fire Truck” MV, Kind Of…

He might’ve helped with the concept.

Entertainment Tonight asked NCT 127 what career they would choose if they weren’t idols. Mark tackled the question first and shared what had been his original dream.


Before he’d thought of becoming an idol, he had plans of writing novels as an author.

I think I’d be an author. That was my old dream.

Taeyong needed a brief moment to think. As soon as he picked firefighter, Mark and Johnny made the connection that Taeyong had already gotten a glimpse of his alternate career path.

I think I would want to be a firefighter.

For their debut music video “Fire Truck”, they were toting water hoses and spraying water everywhere from backyards to office buildings. In a sense, they were firefighters, just not in the literal sense. The fires they were putting out weren’t physical.

Since NCTzens have already seen firefighter Taeyong in action, they have an idea of what that would look like. Maybe not with the wild hair and flashy outfit.


Watch Taeyong reveal what his career would be if he weren’t a part of NCT and SuperM. Of course, his firefighting skills as well.