NCT’s Taeyong Is All Of Us As He Fanboys Over EXO Baekhyun’s “Bambi”

We’re all obsessed with Baekhyun’s “Bambi,” especially Taeyong.

NCT‘s Taeyong hosted a live broadcast and revealed himself to be a major fanboy!


We all know Taeyong admires EXO‘s Baekhyun a lot as they are both members of SuperM. The feeling is definitely mutual since Baekhyun thought of Taeyong when he went to the aquarium.

Likewise, Taeyong was thinking of Baekhyun during his recent live broadcast. Per fans’ requests, he reacted to Baekhyun’s new music video “Bambi.”

Taeyong even attempted to imitate Baekhyun’s moves. He said, “I’m so into this!” He couldn’t stop dancing and singing along!

Taeyong was amazed by Baekhyun’s vocals. He said that he had asked Baekhyun how he was able to sing as he did for “Bambi.”


In the same live broadcast, Taeyong also reacted to Baekhyun’s pre-debut video of him singing CN Blue‘s “Love Light.” He got permission, of course!

It’s so important to have supportive friends. Taeyong and Baekhyun definitely have one of the best friendships ever!

Watch Baekhyun’s “Bambi” music video below:

Source: NCT and @cherrycoid