Here’s How NCT’s Taeyong Stood Up For The “ZOO” Choreography And Created It Himself

“But I told the NCT managers and aespa managers…”

As soon as NCT‘s Hendery, Jeno, Yangyang, and Taeyong dropped their “ZOO” performance with aespa‘s Giselle, fans were thankful for the special stage. Taeyong accepted the thanks from fans and explained why he’d been determined to make the performance happen. He’s now given a look at the process of making the choreography himself.

During his interview with W Korea, Taeyong revealed how he became the person in charge of creating choreography for the song. He’d told the managers of both groups that its potential couldn’t be wasted.

First, ‘ZOO’ was actually going to be just a track in the album. But I told the NCT managers and aespa managers, ‘I love this song. Why don’t we make this into a performance? I’d love to make the choreography for this.’

— Taeyong

They allowed Taeyong to make the performance happen. With the help of his friend Bada Lee, Taeyong met with her twice, making formations with the dancers to create the choreography. Though it sounds quick, Taeyong broke down how many days it took to complete it.

Taeyong spent the first two days making the choreography and teaching it to Bada Lee, who then used her experience to smooth out the edges.

Bada organized the parts that connected to other parts” while Taeyong spent six more days gathering everyone to create the formations.

After that, Taeyong said it “took about two days to teach the members the draft choreography.” The whole process took eight days for him to fully complete the performance that fans fell for.

Without Taeyong’s hard work—despite his busy schedules—and the help of Bada Lee, the “ZOO” choreography would’ve never happened.

Listen to Taeyogn break down the hard work he put into making the amazing track come to life on stage.