NCT Ten’s Suggestion For An “Awkward Bros” Pairing Is Actually Too Wholesome

“I want you to compliment yourselves…” — Ten

NCT‘s Ten has the best suggestion for an episode of Awkward Bros (also known as Awsaz), and in fact, it may be too wholesome.

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten has been blowing minds with his work on the Chinese show Great Dance Crew throughout the past year, and his time there comes to an end, he sat down to discuss his journey on the show in an interview. He spilled on everything from his own thoughts and habits…

…to his members’ habits, even hilariously exposing Hendery‘s fear of needles.

(Although to be fair, he wasn’t the first to tease Hendery in that regard, as YangYang had fun doing so as well earlier this month.)

But fans were particularly happy to hear Ten’s take on who should participate in NCT’s iconic series, Awkward Bros. The YouTube show pits together two members who are known to be awkward around each other and has them interact while following instructions from other ‘graduates’ of the show.

During NCT’s Universe comeback in December, for example, NCTzens were excited to see the pairing of ‘awkward bros’ Yuta and Xiaojun after a video of them in 2020 went viral for being, well, awkward.

The result was golden, as Yuta and Xiaojun not only lived up to the show’s name with their awkwardness, but they also turned out to have some great comedic chemistry.

Yet, while the pairing Ten wants to see has a lot of potential for awkwardness, his plans for it are actually too wholesome—and well-deserved. While speaking in the interview for Great Dance Crew, Ten was asked which pairing he would like to give instructions to on Awkward Brothers, and he said Taeyong and Kun.

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram
NCT’s Kun | @kun11xd/Instagram

The reason why? Because he wants to make them have a compliment battle for their leadership skills.

Seeing as both Taeyong and Kun have proven themselves to be incredible leaders, this content is something many NCTzens are definitely ready to see. As the leader of both NCT and NCT 127, Taeyong bears an impressive amount of responsibility—not least because NCT has 23 members! Yet, he has never backed down from the challenge, and in fact, he has led NCT into making history as one of the biggest, most successful groups in K-Pop.

| @nct/Instagram

Similarly, Kun has received much praise from his own WayV members for always being a thoughtful and kind leader. Recently, on THE NCT SHOW segment ONE-TWO Punch, the members aired some of their grudges, but also took the opportunity to be honest about the things they appreciate about each other. Kun was able to express his gratitude for the way his members appreciated his leadership.

| NCT/YouTube 

Given how hard Taeyong and Kun work as leaders, it would definitely be great to see all their hard work being openly acknowledged. And what better way than for them to compliment each other on their leadership skills? They are, after all, the ones who most understand what the other is going through!

Hopefully Ten’s wholesome idea will be carefully considered for the next round of Awkward Bros. Or at least a segment on THE NCT SHOW…

Source: YouTube