NCT’s Xiaojun Revealed Which Member His Singer Dad Is A Major Fan Of

As a singer himself, Xiaojun’s dad could appreciate their vocals.

Like other NCT members, WayV‘s Xiaojun was born with the natural talent to be a singer from his family. His dad is well-known in China as a professional singer that sparks joy by dressing up as a woman.

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As someone who’s been singing before Xiaojun was born and since his older brother was a child, Xiaojun’s dad showed appreciation for an NCT member’s vocals by being their fan. Xiaojun revealed which that member was.

Xiaojun singing with his brother (far left) and father (center).

During NCT 2020’s online Beyond LIVE concert, Xiaojun performed the unit song “My Everything” with Renjun and Taeil. Afterward, Renjun expressed how much he enjoyed standing on stage with both of them. “I was really happy.

Xiaojun shared the sentiment and revealed which member made it even more special for his dad. “Me too. My dad is actually a fan of Taeil.

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He shared how happy his dad was upon discovering they’d sing together, “He’s thrilled that we could perform this song together.” Taeil was moved by Xiaojun’s dad, “It’s really an honor.

Taeil bowed as he personally thanked him for his support. “Father-nim, thank you. I’ll work hard.

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For Taeil to receive the praise of Xiaojun’s dad—who’s been a singer for over fifteen years—it made many happy to see Taeil’s talent and effort be recognized.

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