NCT’s Yuta Couldn’t Resist Exposing How Their Arts And Crafts Instructor Was A Little Too Interested In Taeil

Yuta always just says it like it is.

NCT‘s Yuta, Taeil and Jaehyun recently went on the streaming service Huya Live to film a new Creativity Workshop, where the members carry out some arts and crafts activities such as embroidery. But though the members’ efforts at embroidering paid off, fans couldn’t stop laughing at how much the instructor seemed to be charmed by Taeil—and how Yuta hilariously exposed it.

| NCT 127’s Lysn update via @nctymisfit/Twitter

While Jaehyun and Yuta spent a lot of time petting the dog that was there…

…Taeil seemed to be making friends with the instructor. So much so, that he even got himself invited to the instructor’s studio…

…had him laughing aplenty…

…had him giving him cute compliments…

…and got him somewhat flustered with his gaze.

After seeing this, fans hilariously claimed to have seen Taeil give looks like this before—when he wants something from Johnny.

And they were not the only ones who noticed the newfound bond between Taeil and the instructor! Distracted by Taeil, the instructor at one point quite forgot to come help Jaehyun with a question, which Jaehyun hilariously called him out on…before Yuta swooped in and deadpanned, “I think the instructor likes Taeil too much.”

Fans couldn’t help laughing at at Yuta’s bluntness…

Especially since this isn’t the first time Yuta has tried to expose NCT. When they went on Weekly Idol, Yuta hilariously threatened to spill everything before the members all stopped him.


Yet, fans ultimately had to agree that getting distracted by Taeil is a very understandable happening.

After all, Taeil is so charming that he is officially part of NCT’s ‘DILF line,’ which currently also includes Johnny and Kun. So perhaps it’ no surprise that Taeil seemed to be set to leave this particular schedule with a lot more than expected…

…something that NCTzens doubt everyone would be happy about.

While Taeil’s newfound friendship with their arts and crafts instructor is adorable, the way Yuta bluntly exposed it while on live was hilarious!

You can watch the Weekly Idol clip on the link below.