NCT’s Yuta Fooled Everyone With His Mysterious “Secret Time”

His nightly routine wasn’t as 19+ as he made everyone think.

During his recent live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Yuta read a comment that he couldn’t help but chuckle at. A fan asked him if he could do “Secret Time” again.


In a different video, he made the rest of his members laugh by describing it as something he does for two hours at night, in the dark, with his eyes closed.

Knowing that fans were curious about what it truly was, he teased them by reminding them of the time it takes place, from 10 pm to 12 am.

I bet you are all curious… Was it from 10 to 12?

Confident that he had everyone fooled into thinking it was something 19+, he jokingly asked what fans were thinking. He then explained that the two-hour time period was only for reading.

Everyone, what are you thinking about? Just purely [reading]. It’s a time to read.

He’d wanted fans to see him reading. To rub in how convincing he’d been, he made sure to tell everyone they were normal for thinking what they did.

Watch Yuta chuckle as he explains what secret time really was at 17:45.


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