NCT Yuta’s Performance Of His Original Song “Butterfly” Was A Stunner — But Here’s What The Song Actually Means To Him

“This is a song to myself.”

A new behind-the-scenes video of NCT 127‘s December 2021 concert, Neo City: Seoul – The Link, is giving a much-needed look at how the members prepared for their solo performances, one of which was Yuta‘s iconic performance of his original song “Butterfly.” “Butterfly” made such an impression on fans that a solo project by Yuta is now one of the most requested projects for NCT LAB.

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Fans want to see him perform a Japanese version of the song, and not just because the choreography had everyone simping over him and his butterfly tattoo.

“Butterfly” was a very personal project for Yuta; in the behind-the-scenes, Yuta explains that it has been a good while since he made his debut, and this song explains his feelings about wanting to grow even higher from where he is right now, saying “I want to fly up from where I am” and “I want to change.”

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His butterfly tattoo represents those feelings, symbolizing the ability to grow and change for the better.

One way fans were able to see him grow through “Butterfly” is through the way he pursued a completely new style of dance, since the choreography for “Butterfly” borrows a lot from the contemporary style of dance…

…and Yuta’s emotional interpretation of it absolutely proved how worthy he is as a dancer.

Yuta went on to say that he felt like “Butterfly” is a song for himself more than anything, though many would probably relate to the thoughts and feelings expressed within it.

He also said that he was used to choreographies that focused on details, so this new form of emotional expression through dance was something new for him, once again showing how “Butterfly” is an important moment in his trajectory as an artist.

With the help of choreographer Rino, Yuta was able to show new parts of him and to really express who he is…

…something that he was extremely grateful for, posting a touching message on Instagram with his heartfelt thanks for her understanding and her support.

For Yuta, “Butterfly” is a song that represents the ability to grow as a person, and to be true to oneself. And it is clear that this was a message that was close to his heart, given how emotional and magnetic his performance was!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the full video of how he and the other members prepared for their solo performances on the link below.

Source: YouTube