NCT 127’s Yuta Reveals How Much NCT Dream’s Jisung Grew Since Trainee Days

“That reminded me of the old times, when we were trainees.”

Long before NCT 127 and NCT Dream made their debuts in 2016, the members formed strong bonds with each other when they were trainees and through SM Rookies.

One of the close friendships that’ll never be forgotten is the one between Yuta and Jisung.

Even though they’re seven years apart in age, the two have maintained a friendship that’s unbreakable after the years they’ve spent together.

Since Yuta has been able to see Jisung grow up right before his eyes, he revealed all the changes he noticed in him during his latest live broadcast.

When thinking of NCT Dream, he couldn’t help but mention Mark. He also was quick to think of Jisung. His newfound height was too amazing for Yuta not to point out. Laughing, he said, “And, Jisung… He’s tall now.”

Jisung growing taller than he was before wasn’t the kicker. The fact that he went from being smaller than Yuta to towering over him was shocking. Yuta explained, “He’s taller than me. [He] has bigger hands too.”

Although Yuta revealed how much Jisung had grown physically over the years, there was something about him that remained the same ever since their trainee days. Back then, Jisung wouldn’t give Yuta a traditional high five.

He’d form his hand into a pair of scissors, as if they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors: “But… Right, another TMI. Ever since we were trainees, when I tried to do high fives with Jisung, he would always give me scissors. I forgot all about that.”

Yuta recently discovered that Jisung hadn’t grown out of that habit. The last time they met, he threw up the scissors gesture, reminding Yuta of their past together. “And, I did this saying, ‘Great job,’ and he did this. That reminded me of the old times when we were trainees. We were like that.”

He and Jisung may not meet up as often as they’d like. When they do, it’s like they’re picking up where they left off. Yuta couldn’t hide how happy it had made him, “We hadn’t met in a while. It was really fun.”

No matter how much Jisung grows, he’ll always be the friend that Yuta cherishes.

Watch Yuta talk about how different yet the same Jisung is, beginning at 8:51.