NCT 127’s Yuta Chose His Fave NCT Dream Member, And There Was No Competition

If you know Yuta, you already saw it coming.

Whenever NCT 127‘s Yuta has a live broadcast, he never shies away from answering everything that fans want to know.

When one NCTzen asked who his favorite NCT Dream member was, Yuta didn’t hold back in picking one who he was closest to.

As soon as Yuta spotted fans asking for a TMI for the day, there was one he already had in mind. Like Doyoung and Renjun‘s adorably awkward yet blossoming friendship, Renjun stated how some members of NCT 127 aren’t as close with the younger members of NCT Dream. That’s not the case for Yuta.

Despite being wrapped up in activities for NCT 127, Yuta revealed that he’s been making time to stay in contact with the dreamies recently. “I talked to Dream a lot. Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Renjun.”

He even recalled meeting up with Renjun for a meal to catch up along with his fellow NCT 127 members, “Renjun! I went to eat with him. Last time, with Mark and Jungwoo.” Since he’d shared that information, there was a question that had to be asked.

Because Yuta’s close with the members of NCT Dream, a fan asked him if there was one he took a particular liking to, “Who’s your favorite in Dream?” He didn’t even have to think about who to choose.

A couple of seconds later, Yuta confidently said, “Mark.” With the group staying as seven members, it gave him the perfect choice, “He’s in Dream now. Then, Mark.”

Although Mark can’t choose between him and Jungwoo in their hilarious love triangle, Yuta doesn’t care who knows that Mark is his favorite younger brother. Everyone needs a loving and supportive friend like Yuta.

See Yuta mention staying close to the dreamies at 8 and keeping Mark in his heart at 8:42.