NCT 127 Wanted Mark To End His Love Triangle With Yuta And Jungwoo

“Choose one of them! Just one!” – Johnny

NCT 127‘s Mark and Yuta are nearly unbeatable as the members who get along well. In their latest appearance on Weekly Idol, Jungwoo ended up coming in between them.

It created the funniest love triangle that had the rest of the group asking one question: who would he pick?

Since Mark had chosen Jungwoo as the member he’d miss most during their previous appearance on the show, Yuta couldn’t let that slide. He revealed, “Mark picked Jungwoo, and that troubled my mind a little.”

No one could resist laughing at the situation it caused, “There’s a love triangle.” Curious why Yuta wasn’t chosen as the one he would miss most, Mark explained. There was a particular difference in the way he viewed them, “Jungwoo feels like a good friend. Yuta feels like a big brother of a girl.” That wasn’t enough of an explanation for Jaehyun.

He did his best to break it down in a way where Mark had to face the truth. Jaehyun even announced who was the true owner of his heart, “The way I see it, Jungwoo makes Mark insecure. But, Yuta gives all his love to Mark. That’s why Mark loves Jungwoo more.”

Flustered, Mark chimed in with, “No. What are you talking about?” They didn’t entirely accept that response, though. As Jungwoo laughed and slapped his knees in happiness, Yuta wasn’t as happy. He lowered his head and pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance at the denial of his love.

Yuta then mentioned why he feels so connected to Mark, “First of all, I really like Mark. So, I just stick with him. I follow him.” Since his affection didn’t reach Mark’s heart, the hosts thought Jungwoo was the one which he liked most.

When faced with that, Mark was just as flustered as before, “No, I…” By then, the rest of them were getting tired of his hesitation. Johnny stood up and yelled, “Choose one of them! Just one!” Doyoung joined in as well, shouting an iconic line from the drama The World Of The Married, “Love is not a crime!”

By the end of the entire hilarious conversation, Mark just couldn’t decide who was number one in his heart, “Let’s move on.” Deep down, he can’t deny that it’s Yuta. See the love triangle that they couldn’t solve here.

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