NCT’s Doyoung Is Now NCTzens’ Choir Director After What He Did At Their Concert

He took his role very seriously.

NCT has had an interesting relationship with their lightsticks, from questioning its design to breaking them with their enthusiastic movements.

They’ve finally reached a place of harmony without any more destruction, and it’s now even better than that.

At NCT 127’s recent concert, Doyoung waved his lightstick along to their song “Replay (PM 01:27)” and guided fans on how to do it as well.

When the fans didn’t follow his guidance as well as he’d hoped, he shook his head, held up a hand to motion them to stop, and then moved to another part of the stage like the dramatic man he is.

Because of how serious he’d taken the role, fans joked that he’ll soon make videos on NCT’s YouTube regarding how to properly wave their lightstick, even spending nearly 40 minutes on it.

In a way, he’d be NCTzens’ choir director. And, that actually doesn’t sound like too bad an idea.