NCT’s Haechan Choked On His Food, But Jaehyun Had His Back

No one was harmed during this food tasting.

While NCT 127 were in Thailand, Jaehyun learned how to make papaya salad and pad thai during their free time.

After successfully completing both dishes, he called Haechan to taste it, who originally didn’t want to. But, he listened to his hyung.

After tasting both dishes, Haechan said they were delicious. Jaehyun wanted to make sure, so he said, “Honestly, the pad thai is really good, isn’t it?” Before Haechan could answer, he choked on his food.

Jaehyun suggested that Haechan had been touched that he’d prepared it himself, and that’s why he’d choked. Haechan agreed, explaining that he’d been surprised the food had been so good.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the tasting of Jaehyun’s food, especially Haechan. And, if he had been in serious danger, Jaehyun would’ve saved him because he knows the Heimlich maneuver.

Watch the chaotic moment that is NCT in a nutshell here.