NCT’s Haechan Imitates Taeyong’s Laugh So Well You Won’t Be Able To Tell The Difference

He’s like a human tape recorder.

NCT 127 sat down with Tumblr for an interview using questions that were asked by fans. One of those questions was whether or not they could do impressions of each other.

Since they’re around each other pretty much all the time, it was simple for Haechan. He chose to imitate leader Taeyong.

But, he first explained the specific way that Taeyong laughs, claiming he doesn’t laugh forward.

Instead, he swallows part of it. Then, he demonstrated a bit of it before going all out.

It was so spot on that Jungwoo gave the imitation a try and Jaehyun clapped.

If you’re not familiar with Taeyong’s distinct laugh, listen to it below.

And, listen to Haechan’s impression here to see just how well they matched up.