NCT’s Haechan Has Officially Fired Mark & Taeil From Taking Pictures Of Him After These Polaroids

The pictures went from bad to worse.

We all have that friend that we don’t trust to take our pictures. For NCT‘s Haechan, that person is Mark. As soon as he got his picture taken by Mark during NCT 127’s photoshoot with Dispatch x V LIVE, he realized he made a mistake.

While Mark was thoroughly impressed with photographic prowess, the polaroid that Mark was not up to Haechan’s standards.

In a last ditch effort to get a good picture, Haechan asked Taeil if he could please take just one picture of him.

All seemed to be going well with Taeil’s picture until Haechan got a glimpse and just screamed.

Don’t worry, Haechan. Even if you can’t trust your members for quality pictures, you can always count on yourself to get you in the best light!