NCT’s Jaehyun Gains Attention With His Flawless Visuals At The “11th Gaon Chart Music Awards”

This genre of Jaehyun will go down in history.

NCT won a couple of awards at the 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards, but Jaehyun was trending on social media for a different reason altogether—he is talented in many areas, and being a visual king is certainly one of them. And it seems like his sharp looks stole the show!

He had all eyes on him from the moment he stepped out of the car with his members, all of whom were dressed in matching black leather outfits.

In fact there was a fan whose hilarious reaction has been found to be quite relatable by NCTzens online…

And we can’t blame them. After all, he was wearing “this fit.”

Things got a little difficult for NCTzens when we got this glorious reveal that was admittedly almost too much to handle…

…though absolutely no one was complaining.

And, of course, he wasn’t the only one fans were admiring!

But there is still no denying that Jaehyun exuded main character vibes, making many fans question how he’s even real.

Naturally, he didn’t make things any easier for anyone during the ceremony, neither during NCT 127’s performance…

…or even while he just sat in the audience.

And his manners once again made it clear why some fans call him “Prince Jaehyun.”

All in all, this was not a peaceful day in ‘Ncity,’ with Jaehyun once again stirring up the handsome allegations and sending fans into meltdown.

And yet, even though NCTzens will never know peace, they are more than happy to stick around. Congratulations to NCT on their wins! And thank you to Jaehyun for blessing fans with this historic look.