NCT’s Jaehyun Is Major Boyfriend Material And It’s A Fact Everyone Can Agree With

If only there was more than one of him.

NCT has more members than can be counted with two hands, but they each have their own individual personalities. And, member Jaehyun is gaining attention for being what everyone would call the perfect boyfriend.


When he went on an outing with Doyoung, he made sure to treat his member kindly by paying for the albums they bought and even their meal.

NCTzens were quick to notice this and couldn’t help but to be charmed by it. But, that’s not the only reason Jaehyun is perfect boyfriend material.

Remember that “mysterious hand?” That was all his doing along with Yuta‘s help. Who wouldn’t wan’t a boyfriend with an awesome sense of humor?

And, we can’t forget Jaehyun’s handsome visuals.

A boyfriend that’s generous, humorous, and handsome? Jaehyun definitely sets the bar high. And, that’s not even all of his positive traits because that would be a very long list.

Watch Jaehyun take care of Doyoung here to get a glimpse of his full potential.