Fans Freaking Out Over “Mysterious Hand” In NCT127 Jaehyun’s Photo

Some think it could be a ghost…

Fans have been freaking out over a mysterious hand that was found in one of NCT127 Jaehyun‘s recent photos.

On May 20, Jaehyun shared multiple photos of himself in front of a beautiful ocean background in Vancouver.


He made various poses and showed off his tall and lean figure.


One of these photos stood out in particular, however, due to a mysterious hand that was holding onto Jaehyun’s left ankle.


When fans began freaking out at the unexpected hand, Jaehyun left a comment that had fans freaking out even more.

What is this???

ㅡ Jaehyun


The hand still remains a mystery as fans continue to guess what it could possibly be.

Source: Dispatch