NCT’s Jaehyun Posts A Handwritten Letter To Apologize For His Actions During The Social Distancing Period

He will take caution with all his actions.

Dispatch recently released breaking news that BTS’s Jungkook, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, NCT’s Jaehyun, and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu were seen together in Itaewon during the recommended social distancing period.

Regarding their visit to Itaewon, SM Entertainment released an official statement confirming that Jaehyun did in fact visit a bar and a restaurant on April 25. He also voluntarily underwent a COVID-19 test and tested negative for the virus.

Jaehyun also posted a handwritten letter apologizing to fans for his actions of not abiding by the rules for social distancing.

Hello this is Jaehyun. I am truly sorry for hurting many people through my actions during this hard time. I am reflecting on my actions of going to a bar and a restaurant in Itaewon during the recommended social distancing period.

He apologized to all those that were affected by his actions as well.

To all those that were disappointed in my actions, to the fans that have always supported and trusted in me, I am truly sorry. I also truly apologize to all my members, my agency, and all those around me that have been affected by actions.

He promises to think carefully about all his actions to make sure he doesn’t make this sort of mistake again.

Moving forward, I will always think carefully about all my actions and take caution. Once again, I truly apologize for hurting all those that are going through a difficult time due to the Coronavirus.

After a patient with COVID-19 who visited Itaewon clubs was confirmed, the KCDC made anyone who visited those facilities from April 24 to May 6, to stay at home and practice social distancing