NCT’s Jaemin Prepared A Proposal-Like Message For Jeno, And He Was Shook

This is a drama many NCTzens would gladly watch.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin had been visiting various restaurants on Battle Trip, so they changed it up for their last stop by doing something totally unexpected.


Jaemin had prepared something on his own and told Jeno to close his eyes. Of course, he did what he was told.

When he opened them, there was a message shown in lights, which they read out loud together. It started with, “The weather was foul and unclear. The weather wasn’t nice.”

Then, it ended on a happier note as they both said, “Being in Busan with you was radiant.” It was so well done that Jeno asked if he’d really written it himself. And, he had since it had to be submitted in writing to the café.

Jeno couldn’t deny the effort he’d put into it, and told Jaemin he’d done well. So, Jaemin asked if he’d been touched by it. But, that’s an answer that’ll be revealed later.

They’ve been friends for a long 7 years, and it’s normal to show appreciation for each other with events like this. Watch them read Jaemin’s thoughtful message together here.


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