NCT’s Johnny Chose The NCT Song That Represented Him Best And Everyone Lost It

He chose it “because it’s sexy.”

NCT 127 answered questions with BuzzFeed to determine which member of their group they were based on a quiz, and they had some interesting answers.


Johnny had to choose which NCT 127 song represented him the best, and that song was “Baby Don’t Like It”. Doyoung said, “Oh,” in surprise and Mark laughed.

Then, he gave the deep meaning behind the choice. He stated, “Because it’s sexy.” There’s no one else as confident in his sexiness as Johnny, and NCT hadn’t been prepared for it.

Mark and Doyoung laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard, with Yuta joining in. And, cutie Jungwoo had no idea what was happening.

If Johnny says “Baby Don’t Like It” is his sexy anthem, then it’s his sexy anthem. Watch their animated responses to the choice here and find out what the rest of the members chose.