NCT’s Johnny Is Now Johnny Stark And There’s No Doubt About It

If he says he’s the new Tony Stark, then he’s the new Tony Stark.

NCT‘s Jungwoo pointed out something that resulted in Johnny making an interesting decision.

While preparing for “Superhuman”, Johnny was wearing one of his concept outfits and Jungwoo pointed out there was a hole in the center of his shirt.

So, Johnny put his phone underneath his shirt where the hole was and turned on his camera light to make it glow. Then he said he was Iron Man, taking over the role from Tony Stark.

If you’re unfamiliar, Iron Man is a Marvel superhero, with the character Tony Stark putting on the suit to take on the persona, and there’s a hole in the chest of the suit that glows.

So, Johnny would be the perfect person to fill in for Tony Stark. And, it’s all thanks to Jungwoo for pointing out the similarity.