NCT’s Jungwoo Wrote A Cute Message On Their Tour Bus And It’ll Make You Laugh

If it’s Jungwoo, it’s something about food.

NCT 127 released a clip of their San Jose, California Neo City: The Origin tour stop. They were seen doing something particular to their tour bus.

With tape and markers in hand, they decorated it to their liking. Taeyong even made a pair of wings with yellow tape.

Jungwoo was seen writing “piece of cakes ♥️”, most likely combined from his popular phrase “It was so easy” and Haechan‘s “So easy, piece of cake.”

The message that wasn’t shown in the clip was even cuter, and someone snapped a photo of it. He wrote “pinut butter yammy” and signed it with his signature and nickname Zeus.

Jungwoo can eat six meals a day, so it’s not surprising that he would write something related to food. It’s cute, and the fact that he spelled both peanut and yummy wrong makes it even cuter. Now NCTzens insist the only proper way to spell peanut is pinut.

Jungwoo’s message is sure to make you laugh and swoon over his cuteness. Watch NCT 127 decorate their tour bus here and check out what else they wrote.