NCT’s Mark and Haechan Have Been a Dynamic Duo Since Trainee Days

Mark and Haechan have been killing it together since before NCT.

On April 6, NCT’s Heachan & Mark uploaded a short cover of f(x)’s Goodbye Summer. In the caption Heachan explains that he & Mark would sing this song together often when they were still trainees.

Heachan’s voice and Mark’s guitar are a match made in heaven that left NCTzens fawning.

Translation: “Ahhhㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ the bestㅠㅠㅠㅠ Really great… very good!!! Thank you, Heachan😭 How do you sing so well?”

Being together since trainee days until now, Mark & Haechan have sung together countless times, but their very first duet as trainees was Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire”. They prepared the song for their very first showcase at SM Entertainment.

Mark & Haechan brought their legendary trainee duet back for the NCT DREAM SHOW in 2018.

Watching them sing as trainees and now as members of NCT definitely gets the sentimental feels going. Another predebut #Markhyuk gem is a short clip of the two singing EXO’s XOXO included in NCT 127’s Road To Japan.

Haechan and Mark so far have no officially released duets, but since they compliment each other so well, SM would be crazy not to make that happen.